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About Vigillantz

We help you seeing what you have been missing.

Our cutting edge virtual guarding services can provide several benefits over traditional security services, including lower costs, 24/7 monitoring, faster response times, and cloud storage. Virtual guarding can also be more effective at preventing crime, as the use of technology allows for more detailed monitoring and analysis of security threats.

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Why Choose Us

Real-time monitoring

Command Centre Agents monitors your property in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives you greater assurance that your property is secure, even when you aren’t present.

AI-powered Analytics

Uses AI-powered analytics to detect any suspicious activity on your property and alert you.

Automated alerts

Command Centre send automated alerts to you any suspicious activity is detected on your property.

We Offer

Vigillantz virtual guarding services are powered by artificial intelligence. Our AI-enabled virtual guarding system keeps an eye on your farm houses and open lands while you're away.